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[pct-l] Re: PCT-L digest, Vol 1 #600 - 9 msgs

In a message dated 8/26/02 5:15:51 PM, awest00@umail.ucsb.edu writes:

<< Bears are a MAJOR problem north of Forester Pass right now.  The park

service and forest service are requiring Bear Proof Canisters for entry into

Kearsarge Pass (even if you are planning to use the bear boxes in the

Sequoia/Canyon backcountry).  I was up at Kearsarge just last week and,

by talking with hikers coming down from Kings Canyon, found out that

any hung food/trash/toilitries is garanteed to be lost to a bear (even at

high elevation).


Well, like, if everyone is required to carry canisters and use bear boxes,
why is there still a problem?  Bears give up hard, do they? Just hope they
aren't prone to frustration temper tantrums and start taking it out on
whomever happens to be around! Rubber bullets and dogs. The ONLY way to go.
Of course it DOES cost more than just telling everybody to do or not do
something and they would definitely have to amend the leash law.