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[pct-l] Wonderland Trail Vs. John Muir Trail?

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> My wife and I are planning to through hike the John Muir Trail in
> September.  My wife has hiked the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier.
> We were wondering how the JMT stacked up on daily basis to the
> Wonderland Trail.
> So, those of you who have done both, how does the daily slog compare?
> If you have done the JMT in September, how much clothing would you take
> if you were going to do it again??
> Hi Dave

I did both and they are great in there own way. I would compare Kings Canyon
equal with Wonderland trail. Wonderland trail is more compact with excitement
every day.

JMT is more spread out but those Passes are great.  Would do both again .