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[pct-l] PCT trailhead location?

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Pacific Crest Trail Enthusiasts,

   The US Forest Service has issued an "area closed" order for Cajon Pass in
Southern California. USFS Order # 02-5 Temporary Restrictions San Bernardino
National Forest paragraph 2 states: (Prohibits) "Being on any National Forest
System Road located within the Blue Cut/Louisiana Fire Closure Area, except
for Forest Service Road 3N21, from its beginning point at Highway 138 to the
Pacific Crest Trailhead. 36 CFR 261.54 (c)."

   In other words, it is legal to drive on 3N21, also known as Baldy Mesa
Road, to the PCT trailhead. From looking at the map on the PCT website, it
appears that the PCT crosses 3N21 at or near where 3N21 passes under the I 15
freeway. Can anyone tell me if that would be the trailhead that the USFS
order refers to? I am a railfan, and several in our Cajon Group guide
out-of-town railfans to the many photo locations near the railroad tracks in
Cajon Pass. Most of the good photo spots are now off limits; however, it
appears to me that 3N21, where it passes under the BNSF and UP tracks, would
be legal to drive on.

   Thank you very much, PCT enthusiasts, for any assistance, opinions, or
info you can give me.

Don Toles