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[pct-l] The Guide is Easy to Read

I love the PCT, and always will. The guide book was
indespensable, and so is reading footprints, pole
marks, water bars, horse shit,  every and anything
else at your disposal.

In 2000, Rainmaker and I stayed at Collahans, near
Ashland, Oregon. It was fantastic, and we ate $28
worth of free breakfast the next day (we heard they no
longer give hikers free breakfasts of all they can
eat). I wrote this in commoration.

A PCT GUIDE BOOK version of :

Directions to our room

>From the dining area cross a table and chaired saddle
(.002m) turn west until you see a ladies room. There
you'll find a refreshing faucet, although late comers
may find it seeping (.00012m) Decend north on an east
facing staircase. Pass a room. Pass another good room.
Pass an old abandoned room (.0035m)On an east facing
west rising door you'll note the number 24 which has
been posted since the new easier route was established
in 1983. Head north. Open door. Close door. However,
this won't get you to the Post Office. So, if you need
to go to the Laundry Room, head east from your saddle.
Those who complete this section may want to celebrate
at the licorish bowl. (4,290-.003m)a seven way
junction where intense PCT Register Logging is going
      * *  * *   *   *   *

Good luck to all who venture

---offering a wealth of information about the AT, PCT and CDT

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