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[pct-l] trail tread

Have a great time - and let the trail happen as it will.
Regardless of how much you plan, what actually happens
on the trail may differ greatly from what you thought.

Just remember that what is written in the guide and what
you find on the trail may be different. There are blow
downs, avalanches, floods, fires, trail changes,
growth, overgrowth, etc. Someone may actually turn a
sign around - or take it away. I know of few people who
don't lose the trail somewhere - or at least have severe
doubts. I have stupidly gotten up from a rest and gone
the wrong way on the trail. I have blindly followed the
tree marking only to later realize that all the trails
were marked the same.

But, I also have never heard of anyone getting so lost
they never made it back to "civilization" (actually, the
trail is more civilized).

So, just enjoy what comes.

Marshall Karon
Portland, OR
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> Well it sounds unanimous.  I'll leave the GPS at home.  I already feel
> comfortable that I know the trail and can handle any junctions, but I'm one of
> those excessive over planners and have read the guidebooks 3 times this summer
> and planned out my entire trip.  I know it won't go as smooth as my plans, but
> without plans where would I try to go.  So thanks for the input.
> "Trail Chief"  Ryan Comingdeer
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