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[pct-l] Does Coffee Attract Bears?

Depnds on if I serve the mocha-vanilla or doouble latte
--espresso does it every time however..I guess it is the "hisssssssssshhhh"
that gives it away that some class has arrived in the bc
and them-thar bears come runnin from miles around...

Careful of the fat-free stuff-- they'll tear yur head off
for that...only the high-calorie stuff will get 'em comin
to your coffee pot.. (or mini-espresso machina!)..



Just kddin...

no mroe attractive to java than anything else..
except those New York bears...they'll come
arounni before u finish grindin them beans...


At 10:19 AM 8/23/02 -0700, David Duncan wrote:
>My wife and I are planning a JMT through hike in September.
>We are coffee addicts, and are wondering how attracted bears are to
>coffee aromas--both of ground coffee and the brew.  We imagine brewing
>coffee really sends out a signal--people food coming up.  What has your
>experience been??
>Dave D
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