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[pct-l] Doing the trail on the cheap...

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Another source of food on the PCT is regular hikers. Hikers leaving the tra=
il are often happy to give you the excess food they dragged into the mounta=
ins, you will be saving them the trouble of having to carry it back out. Ea=
t the heaviest stuff first. You may add things to your diet that you would =
never have thought about. I got one of those Trader Joe "Indian dinners in =
a pouch" recently. Other items: endless granola bars, fresh apples (at a tr=
ail head), beef jerky, mixed nuts, fruit leather, packaged dinners, ramen, =
Tiny Gold fish.
Campers sitting down for a meal will often share their food with you. You c=
an be more or less forward: "Hi! What's for breakfast?" "Pancakes? "Could I=
 invite myself to try some?" Has worked for me. Or: "Would you invite me to=
 have some?"
I have also gone up to an extended family car pick nic group and explained =
to them that I was hiking the PCT and that I only ate dried food and that s=
eeing them enjoying their pic nic made my mouth water, and that I would lov=
e to join them for a bite to eat.
I ran into a PCTA trail crew. Their food was provided by the Forest Service=
 (or some such agency) and fewer than expected volunteers had shown up. The=
y practically begged me to eat a huge breakfast. "Would you like more eggs?=
"  "Please pack yourself a lunch before hitting the trail."
You have to strike when the opportunity presents itself as you can go for d=
ays without seeing a soul....
I like to take a photo of the donors and ask for their email address so tha=
t I can send them a copy.
Oh, and after a lot of asking it was a great feeling to have a non-PCT hike=
r ask me if I had any spare film. When he started pulling out dollar bills =
I told him that I was happy to give him something he needed after I had rec=
eived so much.
"Satellite" Frank Kroger

 Caroline Tigeress wrote:Apparently, like always, I'll be strapped for cash=
 on this
particular trip - so I was wondering if anyone would have some
suggestions on doing a thru-hike on the cheap?



It is that which is stronger than the strongest armour. It is that which is=
 sharper than the sharpest blade. It is faith, forged from mercy and honor.=
 Do that which is honorable and just, in the most compassionate way that yo=
u can, and it shall never fail you.

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