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[pct-l] ALDHA-West Gathering Oct 4-6

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The ALDHA-West Gathering this year will be October 4-6 at the Lake Wenatche=
e YMCA Camp.  There is some information on the ALDHA-West website, http://w=
ww.aldhawest.org including a registration form http://www.aldhawest.org/Gat=
hering/RegistrationForm.pdf and a flyer with directions to the site http://=
www.aldhawest.org/Gathering/GatheringInfo.pdf .

We have most of the activities lined up, but we are still looking for prese=
nters on several topics, including a PCT presentation / slide show.  If any=
one is interested in being a presenter, please contact the gathering coordi=
nators Wendy Johnson at (870) 591-6274, email wjohnson@mvtel.net  or Lesya =
Struz at (781) 642-6842, email lesya@attbi.com.

I hope to see many of you there!

Roger Carpenter
ALDHA-West Webmaster