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David asked,

>> So should you carry duct tape in your ultralight pack if you only use it=
 once a week or so??? (rhetorical question)
>> Of course the REAL issue is what to do about painful cracks, canyons rea=
lly, in your leathery callouses on the bottoms of your feet. Some folks adv=
ocate stuff like Krazy Glue.

Wrap several yards of duct tape around a pencil and stash it in your first =
aid kit.

As for the calluses, personally I prefer to get rid of them. It is easy to =
get a deep blister under a callus and they you have a very hard time treati=
ng the blister--and it hurts like the hell. Yes, unofficially, Krazy Glue a=
nd be used for skin cracks and even small cuts. The problem is that you als=
o seal in anything on the skin or in the cut and infection can happen. And =
in time, often a few days, the glue will peel off and it will have to be re=
applied. We use the medical substitute, Dermabond, in the ER where I work. =
Otherwise if you prefer calluses, be sure to tape over hot spots as they ha=

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