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[pct-l] Just returned from the PCT

Hello to everyone

I just returned from a trip on the PCT - Stevens Pass to 30 miles South of
Snoqualmie Pass. My hiking buddy and I left SP on 7 August and terminated
our trip on 15 August due to a knee/leg/muscle problem with my leg. We met
lots of folks heading North and especially appreciated the water-info for
the area between Tacoma Pass-Gum't Meadows supplied by the team "Larry and a
chap from Australia". LOTS OF MOSQUITOES (few black flies) all along the

My leg pain initially started fairly fast after several hours of walking as
a 2" wide X 6" length of soreness extending upward immediately above the top
of the inner-knee cartilage. I borrowed two adjustable walking poles from my
partner and was able to continue comfortably for several more miles until
things became worse! Pain started radiating down the lower leg and I knew
making it to White Pass was NOT going to happen. I mentally accepted the
trip was over and wished to find a bail-out vehicle at the nearest
logged-off area "Yarding Site".

Unbelievably, within 30 seconds of internally admitting "quits" to myself, a
USFS green-truck came into view around the edge of the mountainside! My
friend dumped his pack and ran to the intersection of the yarding-spur/main
road to stop the truck and ask for a ride. This was the only vehicle we saw
all day.

We spent the next 5 hours riding in the truck with the USFS driver and two
consultants hired by Plum Creek to checkout TEN sections of logged land thru
which the PCT runs. The USFS has the $$ to buy the parcels this year and PC
is verifying there is no trash (old equipment, dumps, oil spills, etc) left
on the land from logging operations. It was a very interesting afternoon and
we were later dropped off in Cle Elum to wait for someone to pick us up.

It is great to know that land on which the PCT runs thru private property is
slowly becoming protected by land exchanges or direct purchase.

Happy hiking - Dick in Stehekin

ps - The person who left TWO COLD BEERS partially hidden in the bushes at
Tacoma Pass is a mean person! I was very
       tempted to consume one of them but managed to restrain myself. Please
hide your beer better next time so thirsty and
       beer-deprived hikers can not spot them!!!