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[pct-l] You just have to!

Well Greg, I am leaving for the High Sierra Trail tomorrow and I have an
extra slot on the trail pass. So...........


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"Hold it there, buddy.  Pull it over!"

"Who me?  What?  I didn't do anything."

"Is that a Mountainsmith Auspex backpack?"

"Yes, but I fail to see what . ."

"Are those New Balance 803's?"

"Yes, but . ."

"I see that you are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.  Take me with you?"


"Take me with you.  I want to see the sun rising over the Mojave desert in
full bloom in the Spring.  I want to sink my ice axe into the black ice on
Forrester Pass in a full white-out snow storm.  I want to feel the burning
the muscles of my legs as I push for the 29th mile with mosquitos chasing
just behind."

"But . . . "

"I know CPR.  I can tie fifteen different kinds of knots. I sing a pretty
good version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water".  Please, take me with you."

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel

PS: Desperately in need of some hiking.

"Salvitur Ambulando"
(walking solves all things)
            St. Augustine
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