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[pct-l] Last minute updates?

Bring bug dope. There were lots of black flies around
last week. The first part of the hike around Mt. Hood is
just fabulous. Take the high route to Paradise Park
after crossing Zig Zag (goes up at the junction and then
will loop back to the PCT). Flowers were out last week-
end. Water after Romona Falls will be available, but may
be sparce for a while. You are going downhill, so this
section will go easy, but may be hot. At Eagle Creek,
take the bike path road to Cascade Locks (black top) and
then road into town. If you are taking a dog, leash is
need on Eagle Creek - path is narrow. Enjoy Tunnel Falls
and the Punch Bowl.

Have a great time!
Marshall Karon
Portland, OR
> Hi all,
> I'm leaving tomorrow to do parts of section G.  I'll be starting at
> Timberline on Monday morning and hiking to Whatum Lake and then down to
> Eagle Creek.  Any pertinent info I should know about this area that I
> can't have gleaned from the PCT Guide Volume 2?  Any other info anyone
> wants to throw my way?
> Thanks in advance,
> Cleek
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