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[pct-l] PCT/hiker route at Ramona falls finally reopened

The upper PCT/ Timerline Trail route at Mt. Hood between Ramona Falls
and Top Spur has been closed for ages because of huge mudslides and
blowdowns. I'd heard gossip that they weren't going to repair and

But they have. I met the trail crew coming off today (and thanked them
profusely). The trail is now totally clear of blowdowns between Ramona
falls and where it meets up again with the horse route. The trail
through the very large debris flow at the muddy fork (below the ladd
glacier) is marked with cairns and ribbons, and there's even a campsite
on the new pumice there, with cool benches made from some of the loads
of fallen trees. The creek crossing is fine, tho it might be wet-foot
on the afternoon of hot days, like today was. The mudslide canyon is a
really neat place, and the waterfall off the glacier is beautiful.

The flies are bad under the trees, and they're biting. We couldn't stop
for a moment unless we were out in the open.

Keep on walking...


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