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[pct-l] Sad news

A lot of folks around here (Bishop)  were in a state of shock on
These deaths are deeply felt here, as all four who were in the plane were
deeply involved and well-known and loved in the local community.  Galen was in the process of
moving his entire gallery to Bishop.  If you are ever on the east side passing through, stopthere  if you get
the chance.  It is amazing.

Fragility of the moment.  Passion  in the moment.
"To strive for permanence in what I think I have perceived is to miss the point." P.M., The Snow Leopard

--- "Welter, Ed" wrote:
Sad news indeed.  I remember 8 years ago climbing with him at Beacon rock in
the Combia Gorge during a break he had with the media in Portland.  Timing
was so tight we had to run down the trail in our rock shoes (ouch) in order
to get him back for his next appointment.  The next morning he got a ride to
Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood and ran to the top and back in his tennis shoes
(with crampons on).  He was 54 at the time and I was thinking, wow, I'd be
happy to be in half the shape he was when I hit 54 (I was 33 at the time).
--- end of quote ---