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[pct-l] Goat Rocks in Sept.


This area was the hardest thing to do for me. We did not take the
snow. It was passible, but scared me sh**less. So we took the rock
instead. If this is more or less snowfree the whole season, it is a
good alternative.

Regarding the origingal post: as far as I remember you do indeed
cross a bit of the Packwood Glacier, but this is on an extremely
gentle slope. The scary part is not the glacier, but the (steep) snow
fields after you cross the glacier. (I hope I remember this correctly)

Have a great hike,

>Yea, but in 2000, the short section below Old Snowy was
>really treacherous - no way around. Icy in the morning
>and steep. Only place I would have liked to have had an
>ice axe. A sharp rock was substituted.
>In other years, I have been able to go around the
>section. Had I been thinking, I would have gone up to
>the ridge and walked down on rock.
>Still wouldn't take an ice axe, though. An absolutely
>beautiful, exciting section of the trail. Do it in good
>Marshall Karon
>Portland, OR

Saskia Daru