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[pct-l] shoe or foot inserts

At 10:04 AM 8/12/02, Tim 'hiker/biker' wrote:
>Does anyone know of a reasonable priced source for rigid inserts - other
>than a podiatrist or the extortionately priced chain called 'Good Feet'
>- where one can obtain stout arch supports?
>Seems that there was an add on television that had some for around $20.
>or so.

I have had good results with the Birkenstock "Blue Footbed" that is made of
cork and mimics the famous sandles. I was getting a neuroma and the
metatarsal support helped spread the bones apart enough to relieve the
pressure...They run about $50 but I have used mine for 3 years and they
have not worn out yet....


Brick Robbins

"You are what you eat, so don't eat a falafel
because then you'll feel-awful."
-------- Scott Adams