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[pct-l] PCT fire hike and pictures

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August 10, 2002, I made a quick road trip to check out the PCT trailheads a=
ffected by the Pines Fire. With temperatures around 100 degrees, I didn't w=
alk too far. However, I can say that shade will be a big problem in this ar=
ea next season. The trail will also need some work to repair tread damaged =
by dozer lines (not that I'm complaining!), sign junctions with old trails =
which were previously hidden by brush, and remove burned trees which have f=
allen across the trail in some areas.

* The burn area starts a bit south of Pioneer Mail (A8). The picnic area it=
self was saved and there is water in the tank.
* The trail near the Lucky 5 (A9) was completely burned. (There's been a wa=
ter cache here during the thru-hiker season).
* The burn area on the highway ends near the California R&H Trail, but the =
PCT continues in the burn area (A10).
* Scissors Crossing (A11) was NOT burned, but the creek is dry.
* The trail appears to re-enter the burn area near the high point in the Sa=
n Felipe Hills (A13)
* Barrel Spring (A13) was burned. There are fallen burned trees on the trai=
l. There is some water in the trough, but the pipe is dry, although the sou=
rce spring has stagnant water. A bulldozed fire line just north of the spri=
ng could cause confusion, as could other dozer lines.
* Most wood trail signs are burned.

I took 46 pictures with a cheap ($20) digital camera and posted the picture=
s on my website at http://www.4jeffrey.net/hike/pct/fire .

(bcc: to Joe at PCTA since their web site wouldn't let me send a message th=
at way. Looks like some extra trail work parties might be needed this year =
because of the fire.)