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[pct-l] Trail Updates and Things that KILL

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 First up, just got back from a very tough week on the CDT. ( Maybe some of
the hardest hiking I've ever done) Didn't get to hook up with P.A.Jeff,
Tripod and Dawn as planned as they were still a day or two from I-15 near
Lima . I did get to hook up with Swiss Miss, Luzia, Slyman, Papi( 71 y/o
killer hiker that will soon be a triple crowner and is just awsome!) Ben
Curtis from PCT 2001 and Wandering Bear who is a AT vet. ( Neighbor Singing
Steve, PCT 2001, came with me to hike as well) Started at I-15 near Lima and
followed a few fence lines straight up to the Divide!!! ( Thoses of you who
know this trail know what I mean) Finally reaching 9,000ft and lots of up and
down along divide with no trail and side hilling in running shoes gets old!!
( My hats off to Flyin Brian, Jonathon Ley and other who have done this
trail!) Things that Kill?? How about Buffalo!! Came off Bannack Pass
yesterday in into a herd of Buffalo some Doctor bought and placed to guard
passage around the pass!! ( TIC) I walked around about 200 animals which had
many calves and protective moms, but missed seeing a lone bull bedded about
200 yards away. Singing Steve and Swiss waved and I waved back. Big mistake
as King Buffalo arose and made a beeline straight at me in a rolling open
field.  Swiss came running toward me from behind and prepared to do battle
with her " Grizzly" spray and while I held my hiking poles out like Custer's
45 colts the last 30 seconds of his life!!!  The beast broke off the charge
about 75 yards away and headed back to his clan. Things that kill you, well
on the CDT buffalo and moose outrank bears and and snakes bigtime. ( In fact,
in Yellowstone, Moose and Buffalo are head and shoulders above bear deaths.
O.K. About PCT stuff, Amigo got to Snoqualmie Pass Aug. 7th and did a great "
Must See" two page add to the journal at the Pass. ( Including graphic
pictures of how hikers can save money and make a light weight Space blanket
out of 48 empty " Pop Tart" bags and duct tape, dental floss shoe laces, etc,
etc.) Very good.  Fiddlehead signed in 8/4/02 and Flash 8/6/02. Lone Wolf and
1977 hiker Stephen Taylor was Aug. 6th as well.  Talked to a Section hiker
who said Goat Rocks were not a problem and didn't feel ice axe was needed. (
He just used poles)