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[pct-l] new to the PCT list

Desert hiking: yup, it sure gets hot. And unless you live in hot area, you
really can't prepare too much for that. Guess you could exercise in a dry
sauna. You do what you can do. We normally hid during the hotest time of the
day (not always easy without trees), but still hiked mainly during the day:
5:30 am to 8 or 9  pm. Lots of daylight. Umbrellas help if they reflect the
sun. Did only one night hike - kept looking for snakes. It was kind of fun,
but this is a scenic trail, so light helps.

You'll make it. It only hurts a little.

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> Hi!  My name is Lindy.  I have been going on hikes during the last 15 or
> years, and my dream, which I thought was unattainable for me, was (is) to
> hike the PCT from Mexico to Canada.  One of my friends has the same dream,
> and now we are planning to do our big hike 2 or 3 years from now.
> I have been reading the messages posted to this list, and I just want to
> I appreciate all the information and ideas you are offering.  I will
> probably have lots of questions for you, especially for those of you who
> have already hiked the trail.  I have hiked most of the Washington State
> in sections.  Last week, my PCT hike was cut short by one of our party
> breaking her leg at about 5500 feet elevation, just north of Glacier Peak,
> and while someone else was taking care of her, I hiked out 20 miles (in
> eight hours) to get help.  That is the longest I ever hiked in a day, but
> didn't get blisters, and I was physically ready to go out again the next
> day, so I am encouraged that I can get ready.
> Today, my question is in regards to desert hiking.  I went to Campo in
> and hiked just the beginning of the trail whilc my husband drove the car
> a point further down toward town.  It was very hot that day.  I can see
> the hikers could be overcome by heat.  Do you usually hike in the early
> morning and again after dinner into the night, while taking a long rest
> somewhere during the heat of the day?
> Thanks!
> Lindy
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