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[pct-l] new to the PCT list

Hi!  My name is Lindy.  I have been going on hikes during the last 15 or so
years, and my dream, which I thought was unattainable for me, was (is) to
hike the PCT from Mexico to Canada.  One of my friends has the same dream,
and now we are planning to do our big hike 2 or 3 years from now.

I have been reading the messages posted to this list, and I just want to say
I appreciate all the information and ideas you are offering.  I will
probably have lots of questions for you, especially for those of you who
have already hiked the trail.  I have hiked most of the Washington State PCT
in sections.  Last week, my PCT hike was cut short by one of our party
breaking her leg at about 5500 feet elevation, just north of Glacier Peak,
and while someone else was taking care of her, I hiked out 20 miles (in
eight hours) to get help.  That is the longest I ever hiked in a day, but I
didn't get blisters, and I was physically ready to go out again the next
day, so I am encouraged that I can get ready.

Today, my question is in regards to desert hiking.  I went to Campo in April
and hiked just the beginning of the trail whilc my husband drove the car to
a point further down toward town.  It was very hot that day.  I can see how
the hikers could be overcome by heat.  Do you usually hike in the early
morning and again after dinner into the night, while taking a long rest
somewhere during the heat of the day?


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