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[pct-l] Re: Stevens Pass to Rainy Pass in September

Go early. In my experience, the weather gets worse the later you go in the
month. Early September may be some of the best hiking weather for the whole
year. The trails are empty since many college-age hikers are back in school
and the cooler nights are killing off the bugs. When I've gone in early
September, I've avoided the rain, clouds and snow that Marshall is writing

Be sure to plan for a visit to Stehekin even thought it a detour off the
PCT. It is a unique mountain village in a superb setting--plus the bakery is
to die for!

Tom Griffin

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> Well, most through hikers do Washington in September - and, depending on the
> year, encounter every type of weather possible: wet, dry, snow, hot, cold,
> etc. What will this year bring? You might have better luck in Vegas than
> betting on Mother Nature.  Typically, you could have about a week of wet,
> cold weather at that time of year. And the rest will be great. Rarely will
> you have a solid week of bad weather.
> For me, hiking in clouds, rain, and snow is no fun. Hiking in the cold, with
> wet boots (like they are frozen at night), is no fun. So, unless I were
> doing a through hike, I might look at the weather forecast just before my
> trip, and cancel if the weather is bad.
> Let me also say, the scenery is absolutely fantastic. If you can't see it,
> why do it if you have a choice.
> Equipment: umbrella, good rain gear, tent, good pad, good bag (maybe with
> liner), good fleece. In cold weather, keep your boots in the tent, even if
> wet (put them in plastic bags). And hope you don't need any of it.
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>> [ Picked text/plain from multipart/alternative ] Hi all,
>> I am thinking about doing Section K Stevens Pass to Rainy Pass in September.
>> I am interested in your first-hand experience in weather conditions for this
>> section at this time. Any advice concerning this section is appreciated as
>> well.
>> Thanks! Joe Brennan