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[pct-l] Vermilion Valley Resort

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I just thought I'd drop a quick note to the list to let everyone know
that VVR was sold on July 1st.  It was purchased by some very good
friends of mine from San Diego, Jim and Kim Clement.  Jim is a long time
backpacking and climbing enthusiast, and had hiked through VVR
previously on several occasions.  Both he and Kim are successful
business people, and both run very successful businesses back in San

The previous owner, Peggy Wiggs (gracious to the final day), and her
daughters helped out through the July 4th weekend.

Jim and Kim's intention is to continue catering to the thru-hiking
crowd.  They've recently started building a new shower house; 6 showers
and a laundry room so that the hikers won't have to stand in line for
showers anymore!  Also, I recently installed high-speed internet access
at VVR, and they have laptops for rent so that thru-hikers can check and
send email.  They also have plans to improve other facilities over the
next few seasons.  Their vision is to make VVR the ultimate stop-over
for thru-hikers, while catering to the wilderness resort enthusiast.
Those of you visiting next year will most likely be able to reserve a
Yurt (http://www.yurts.com <http://www.yurts.com/> )

If you're hiking the PCT or JMT near VVR this year or next, be sure to
stop in and say hi.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

And be sure to check out the new VVR website at
http://www.vermilionvalley.com <http://www.vermilionvalley.com/>

BTW. If you're wondering why I'm posting for them;  they're extremely
busy in the store and restaurant!  You thru-hikers eat a LOT! :-)

Bill Richardson

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