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[pct-l] pacific crest trail

Welcome Patrick,

By posting here is a good start to getting some updated knowledge to hiking
the PCT.  While I have not done the PCT, I have done the AT.  Minus some
differences, doing a thru-hike on the PCT should be about the same.  The
first thing I would recommend is heading out on the weekends and maybe doing
a few overnight hikes.  If you don't have gear, best bet is rent until you
find the gear that you like.  From experience, most sales people usually
recommend their preferences, which may not fit yours.  There are allot of
options out there, and you have plenty of time to sort out your tastes and
styles.  If you have a local hiking club, maybe think about joining up with
them on some of their hikes.  From doing this you can learn from some other
experienced hikers, just be careful to not pick up their bad habits.  Also
check out some books on backpacking and some stories from past thru-hikers.
Check out some journals  ( a good place to start for that would be
www.trailjournals.com, they have plenty to pick from.  I hope to have some
up in the future, but as of yet the site is still new).  Another thing I
would suggest is check out some sites on the PCT, and find some forums to
participate in, just like you did here on the newslist.  As you start with
these things you should come up with some specific questions, such as when
is a good time to start, any problems getting water, what is need for
navigation on the PCT, how am I going to get resupplied, how much money will
it cost, just to mention a few.  Good luck on your endeavor.

Todd "M&M" Ricker

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Hi my name is Patrick Koreski and I'm 16 years old and going into my junior
year of high school.  I'm very interested in thur hiking the PCT.  I would
start hiking the summer of 2004 and take a year off between high school and
college so I could finish the hike.  The problem is that I have no
experience hiking I have gone on one hike before and that was only three
miles long.  I was wondering if you could give me so info on someone or a
club that I can get experience with so I can reach my goal of thur hiking
the PCT starting the summer of 2004.


Patrick Koreski

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