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[pct-l] training hikes

You have the Three Sisters and Jefferson Wildnerness
area close at hand. You can make many 3 day hikes in the
area - and several of them can be loops. And, they can
be on the PCT. And you could bag some peaks. Get some
books which describe the hikes in the area.

If you want to drive to Mt. Hood, you could do the
Timberline trail (about 40-50 miles).

When you say 3 days, you need to also indicate mileage
per day. Folks doing through hike will be able to do 20-
25+ per day by the time they reach Oregon.

You also can test your equipment this way and find out
what works for you. For a through hike, you need to
think light weight gear - like 15-20 pounds dry weight.

Have fun!

Marshall Karon
Portland, OR
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> Hi everybody
> I was wondering if anyone know of any1-3 day hikes in oregon.  It would be great
> if anyone know any trails around the Salem area but any trails would be good.
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