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[pct-l] Water Cache Availability for Mid-May Start

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In a message dated 8/1/02 8:46:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
sturner72@yahoo.com writes:

> I know that trail angels and others monitor the water caches on various
> parts of the PCT. Is this generally a year-round act of kindness? My friend
> and I won't begin our journey until mid-May 2003, so what are the chances
> that the water caches will still be available well after the main group of
> thru-hikers depart in late April?

Year round act of kindness? No, in Section A, this is a seasonal activity
designed to coincide with the time when the majority of PCT Thru-hikers will
pass thru the area.

Water caches in Section A are historically in place by the third week of
April and will be maintained through May, and into the first or second week
of June.

Have a safe hike!