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[pct-l] Training hikes in the San Diego County area

At 11:13 AM 7/31/02, you wrote:

>I'd like to do a minimum of 50 miles.
>Looking for a loop, will be packing some water, but I
>would like to filter as I go. Looking for something
>with grade, not to steep though. I'll have my thirteen
>year old with me. Probably in the fall.

Here is my suggestion.

For reference, use:
the book "afoot and afield in san diego county" buy jerry schad
The map "San Diego Backcountry" by Tom Harrison
Maps  http://www.tomharrisonmaps.com/
The PCT California Guidebook

Start at the Pine valley trail head for Noble Canyon Trail.

Hike up the Noble Canyon Trail to the Sunrise Hwy (Hwy 79) trailhead,
(water) cross the Highway and pick up the PCT northbound.

Hike on the PCT to the "detour to water - Lake Cuyamaca" listed in the PCT
guidebook (north of Pioneer Mail Picnic area, but south of Oriflamme Canyon
Rd.) then follow the detour to the California Riding and Hiking trail at
it's crossing of Hwy 79

Follow the California Riding and Hiking trail around the south side of Lake
Cuyamaca to the Los Caballos campground (water).

 From here there are a bunch of trails that will take you south, inside
Cuyamaca Rancho State Park http://www.cuyamaca.statepark.org/

Pick one that will take you (eventually) to Granite Springs remote
campground (Skanky Water from a pump). You have a bunch of choices in this
section (I can think of 3 or 4 ways to go) and can add or subtract distance.

The map at http://lostboysultra.com/lb_run/course_info.htm may be of some
help, since this junction is the one listed at mile 28.1 on this map, and
via the 'school camp' is one way to get to Granite Springs.

 From the Granite Springs go north on the Harvey Moore trail, to the
junction that says "park boundry" (near the Harvey Moore memorial bench
carved out of a log) and take the fork east towards the "park boundry".
When you leave the park throuh a swing gate you will be a the dirt road at
the bottom of the hill (Pine Creek Rd, I think) turn right and follow it
back to the Noble canyon Trailhead where you left your car. Not much
traffic on the road, it is not a bad walk. Alternately, you could take the
trail directly across the road, and follow it back to the Noble Canyon
Trail, and hike back the last 9 miles of the trail that you started on.

Brick Robbins                       mailto:brick@fastpack.com