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[pct-l] still getting viruses

I got 3 emails today "from" list members that had attachments, two of
them were supposedly from CMountainDave. Because the List is supposed to
strip attachments, I never try to open any that supposedly come through
the list. I do not have an anti virus program, mainly because my computer
is old and doesn't have enough room on the hard drive to install anything
else and I've already deleted all non essential files.

I did a Google check (thanks to whoever recommended Google!!) and found a
few free web based programs. The first one ( www.housecall.antivirus.com/
 ) started to download OK but stopped at 95% and wouldn't finish. Three
tries all did the same.

The second one below, downloaded OK and worked fine. It said no infected
files or viruses.

As it is web based, I'm assuming that it is up to date and would catch
any viruses or worms. Has anyone else used it?


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