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[pct-l] JMT entry points

hello everyone!  A friend and I are planning a JMT trail run this 
September and need some info for a buddy of ours who is gonna try to 
meet us along the way and take pics.

Our friend is not really a hiker and will be lugging around a bunch 
of photography gear.  He will mainly be there to meet us at the usual 
JMT resupply points: Tuolumne, Reds Meadow, VVR, Muir Trail Ranch, 
and Onion Valley Trail head(over Kearsarge pass). He will spend most 
of the time taking pics of the scenery but also wanted to try and get 
some action shots of us along the way.

Does anyone know of any points other than those listed above where he 
could hike less than 4-5 miles to intersect the JTM?  He would be 
fine driving miles of forest service roads or jeep roads, he just 
doesn't want to hike :-)

I am gonna look at some topo maps, but thought I would check the 
resources of the list before I do.

thanks in advance!


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