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[pct-l] Han Solo 75 days

This is just a general posting to whom it may concern.  As I'm going thru a
re-entry and am now in my parents house in Boston, MA I want to make a simple
statement as I know that some folks of this list have followed my hike and have
helped me greatly.
First: I had a FUBAR in the North Cascades not too far from Skykomish, WA
in/near K4/K5 2500 mile mark.  I (amongst other things) did a faceplant into
snow,mud,rock and was stopped when I wrapped around a tree after what I
considered to be a significant fall.  This caused me to have minor injuries,
more broken gear and the loss of my glasses (and sight until I got an old pair
here in Boston) so I spent 3 days w/ map and compass getting to the nearest
Forest Service Road and spent Monday night w/ the Forest Service (thanks!!!)
This was a high snow year for that section and I was way early, this was also
just West/SW of the Chelan fire which to my knowledge is 20,000+ acres.  You
could easily see the smoke from the trail, in Stehekain (as the waitress there
told me in Wenatchee) the smoke was dark black and many homes outside of the
wilderness had been burned down.  So, I decided to let Brian keep his record
for another year.  I'm 24 I have time.

Second: thanks so much to all in a couple of months and the Manning one
before May 6th 2003.

btw- web site is not finished, but anyway:  www.msu.edu/~benne129

all good things must end? this is just the beginning. all good things come to
those who wait.
-han solo