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[pct-l] P-2 backpacks

Though I thought I had read a review of ULA's P-2 backpack before in this
digest, I can't find it in my email records or by searching through the
archives.  So here I go.  :)

After hiking the PCT last year with a G4, I'm definitely converted to
using a lighter-weight pack.  However, I fairly severely thrashed by G4,
despite all the great work Glen did in constructing them.  For the type of
hiking I do, I think it's just not *quite* heavy-duty enough.  Anyway,
I've been looking at several different options for my next pack, and also
for a pack to recommend to friends doing the PCT in the future.

I've been looking at ULA's P-2, as I mentioned earlier:


However, I can't really find much in the way of practical reviews.  I'm
considering going with either that or something similar to the
MountainSmith Auspex/Chimera

Any advice would be appreciated.  :)


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