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[pct-l] Re: 33+ miles/day average

At 11:39 PM 7/23/02, Carl Siechert wrote:
>  I not
>only need to relax at the end of the day, but I enjoy too much cooking
>multicourse meals, stopping to photograph flowers, swimming, etc. etc.

I don't cook multicourse meals, but I take lots of pics and I swim when the 
water is not too cold. One of my favorite memories was playing with a 
curious California Newt while swimming in Onion Creek near the Feather 
River (map M7.)

One of the biggest black holes of hiking time I try to avoid is long town 
stops. I used 23 mail drops. Just ONE day in each town picking up a drop 
leads to almost another month on the trail. My rule was 3 hours in town, 
unless I needed to wait for a package or I arrived with less than 3 hours 
till I would normally stop for the day.

I never pushed myself so hard that I felt like I needed time off in town, 
other than stuffing my face and showering.

Brick Robbins

"We always did feel the same,
we just saw it from a different point of view"
---Bob Dylan