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[pct-l] Re: 33+ miles/day average

> >33+ miles/day average? Do people hiking at that pace have time to enjoy
> >trip?
> Yes, I do.
> I just enjoy my time walking, instead of spending time sitting in camp or

Thanks Brick. I appreciate your thoughtful answer, because after I hit Send
I realized that my original note sounded judgmental, which it wasn't
intended to be.

I'm sure you're right about heavy packs being a bigger energy drain than
long miles. (Unfortunately, I haven't yet gotten mine down to what anyone
could reasonably call lightweight. I'm working at it!) I also enjoy my time
walking, but I don't think I'd enjoy knocking out 33+ miles every day. I not
only need to relax at the end of the day, but I enjoy too much cooking
multicourse meals, stopping to photograph flowers, swimming, etc. etc.

HYOH...truer words were never abbreviated.