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[pct-l] Washington conditions

I am all for ultralight and shaving every "unneeded" ounce...  BUT, 
if the only reason ultralight is even possible at all is because of 
planning, preparation, and prudence.  If you don't do _all_ of them, 
then the chances of injury increase dramatically.  And because you 
must be prudent, your chances of success also hinge greatly on LUCK:
- if it snows too much that year, then you are done.
- if a big storm rolls in while you are high on a pass, then you must 
- if a pass is too dangerous and you have no axe, then you have to 
turn around.
- if it gets too cold for your one fleece jacket, then you'd better 
find shelter.

Ultralight doesn't have to mean that you take ultra-risks. But, if 
that is what a "thru-hike" is worth to you, then that is fine and no 
one should judge you for it.  If Han Solo thought that the risk was 
worth it for him, then we should not judge him for it and revel in 
his misery.  His lesson speaks for itself to anyone who is interested 
in learning from it, there is no need to rub salt in Han's wounds in 
order to seem wise from your armchair.


> Apparently another case of a poor, extreme, ultralight choice of
> weight over safety.
> I suggest:
> 1. Know the conditions
> 2. Know your limitations
> 3. Know your equipment
> 4. BRING the necessary 3 for 1 and 2
> If you did 4 and 2 or 3 are not sufficient for 1 then don't go. 
> Or, if you find yourself deep in the woods when 1 changes
> radically, then get out.
>>> PS:  Do you suppose that this a case of foregoing the
>>> "unnecessary" weight
>> of
>>> an ice ax for the benefit of ultralight mega-mile hiking
>>> strategy?
>> Yes
> IMHO (but I believe that this should, at least, be considered
> common sense),
> Greg
> "Salvitur Ambulando"
> (walking solves all things)
> St. Augustine
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