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[pct-l] Hairy Experience

Those of you not familiar with the mountains near Los Angeles and scared from 
the thought of low life preying upon the innocent in out-of-the-way places 
like the trail heads of the PCT there, should understand that this is rare 
yet possible.  Thus, be careful but not full of fear as you may find 
mountains more of kindness tossed your way than violence.  

I, familiar with these mountains in my backyard and with the low life that 
thrives on the innocent in the L.A. area, found myself camped at a spring 
along the Angeles Crest Highway, that being the only water available in a 
long stretch and no trail complete in this section at the time, one beautiful 
spring night with a huge full moon to accompany me.  I was short of food as I 
had one more half day to reach Acton (the re-supply point on Highway 14 
before Agua Dulce and the great Saufley's) and was trying to patch together a 
dinner from the scraps left in my pack.  I was a bit timid about such a busy 
spot on a Friday night as traffic streamed up heading out of L.A. into the 
mountains for the weekend and so pitched my tent deeply into the small park 
like turnout.  A van pulled in over-heated and steaming with an elderly 
couple inside.  They were taken aback a bit by my low life looks when I 
offered to help them, however, they agreed as they had no way to carry the 
water from the spring to the radiator.  I used my gallon jug to do so and 
they offered to help me in any way in return.  I mentioned that I was a bit 
short on food when they noticed my large backpack, ice ax and tent.  They 
asked what I was doing and . . . well . . . they became my first trail angels 
and we exchanged cards at Xmas for years after until one day their son said 
that they had passed on.  The Balls from Pasadena are now helping those 
hungry hikers in the sky.

I'm sure that many of you have similar stories in these mountains.  One of 
the benefits of the Adventure Pass parking fees program is that a large 
amount of the lazy low life preying idiots have been discouraged from hanging 
out in the mountains. 

It is the few that ruin it ALL for the multitudes that only mean well.  Damn 
them.  Keep a wary eye out for them.  But don't live your life or your hike 
cowering from fear of them.  

Best regards,


PS: ( Yes, Monte, that is how these mountains got the nickname of "The 
Mountains of Death" but I didn't want to scare anyone from out of the country 

Lonetrail writes:
"The car rushed down the road turning into 
the parking lot at a great rate of speed. The Lot being cover with ice and 
snow they slid into the dumpster. I could hear the smash and then the sound 
of the fan belt banging against mental as it rotated around. One of the men 
head broke the windshield and then the cursing began. "