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[pct-l] Hairy Experience

Last winter about 5 PM while Backpacking I dropped down to Vincent Gap hoping 
to spent the night there. There was a dumpster in the parking lot. I was 
hoping to set my tent up against the dumpster for a wind break. The wind was 
howling about 50 miles per hour 

Just as I was ready to take my pack off a car came into the lot. It had two 
men in front seat and circle me several time. I decided to start up trail to 
Mt. Baden Powell hoping to get distance between them and me. The trail at the 
beginning is steep with a hand rail for about fifty feet. The trail was 
covered with snow and ice. I still had my crampon on. Knowing this I felt 
somewhat safe.

They parked and watch me proceed up the trail. They then pulled out and went 
up the road about several lengths of a foot ball field turned around and 

I came to a level area and decide to keep and eye on them and at the same 
time make my dinner. I planned to turn of my light and stove off if they 
moved their car.
Just as the water started to boil. The car rushed down the road turning into 
the parking lot at a great rate of speed. The Lot being cover with ice and 
snow they slid into the dumpster. I could hear the smash and then the sound 
of the fan belt banging against mental as it rotated around. One of the men 
head broke the windshield and then the cursing began. It was dark by then and 
I could not see. I could hear then jump out of the car. Still cursing at each 
other they begin to pull the bent fender from the front tire. Within ten 
minutes they pulled out and I could hear the fan belt banging metal as they 
drove away.

Yes, there is a God.