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[pct-l] PCTA.org...gone?

I'm getting a ip of for www.pcta.org.  I get
a 404 error from the webserver though.  Any major edits (or
accidental deletes) from the webserver?


On Mon, 22 Jul 2002,
Brick Robbins wrote:

> At 10:26 AM 7/22/02, kahley wrote:
> >Anyone know what happened to the website?
> For the techies on the list, I queried the nameservers for pcta.org, and
> they show they have authority for the name.... But the nameservers are not
> returning an IP address, so either there is some problem with the
> nameservers (not likely, because I checked several other names using the
> same DNS that are working fine) or there is some problem between the ISP
> and the PCTA.
> I know that with Ron Moak on the CDT, the PCTA was looking at other options
> to maintain the site. Maybe they are in transition now.......
> And yes, I know I am listed as the Administrative Contact for that name,
> but I have not worked on the website for a couple of years.
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