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[pct-l] a ride from Redding to Old Station?

Hello everybody.  I've quietly dropped off list for a while because I'm 
hiking for 2 months from Ashland down to the Sierras.  I unexpectedly had to 
take the Greyhound home yesterday, and will be trying to get back to the 
trail probably some time this week.  I'm wondering if anyone lives near 
Redding and would be willing to help a hiker get back to the trail at Old 
Station?  If no rides are available, I'd like any other suggestions people 
have.  I hitched into Redding yesterday, and that went okay, but I'm 
hesitant to hitch out of a big city, being a single female.  Please respond 
privately, as I'm not on the list right now.  Thanks!

Firefly aka Christine

PS - There are tons of thru-hikers out there, and it has been really fun to 
meet them.

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