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[pct-l] Re: Embarrassing question

Very interesting thread.  I, too, suffer from fear of camping alone and fear
of the dark.  In '99, I never got comfortable being alone at night even
after all those months on the trail.  I will say that I suffered less if I
could find an open clearing and plop myself in the middle of it.  I guess I
felt like the clearing was sort of a de-militarized zone from all of the
dangers--mostly imagined--that lay in the deep, dark woods.  Areas above
timberline were, by definition, safe that way so I sought those out whenever
possible.  On the other nights, it was Ibuprofen and the solace afforded by
a small radio and/or ear plugs.

On a thru-hike you really have no choice but to confront your fears and just
try to survive.  I don't know that I'm any less afraid now than before but I
have gained the experience of knowing that I've survived other nights and
probably will again.