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[pct-l] Embarrassing question

On the PCT hiking towards Camp Anza I was sleeping out alone without the tent.
I was at a junction where a old road and the trail joined. I slept just
off the trail in the open.

Somehow, I got into a bunch of red fire ants and got about 20 bites
on one leg.  Gosh, they did hurt.  I washed my leg, put some
ointment on, but that did not help, the leg burned all night long.

I was feeling very sorry for myself.  I finally got to sleep, when the most
racause,howling,moaning evil sound woke me right up.  I thought it was
going past me on the trail when all of a sudden it was back on the other
side of me going the opposite way.  I sat up in my sleeping bag with the hood
over my head, I was in a crouched over sitting position
and I blew my whistle for a good half hour. I still do not know what it was,
but it appeared to be low off the ground.  I did not sleep much that night.
 I was very scared.  I dozed on and off and wished for an end to the night.
Marge (the old gal)