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[pct-l] re: Embarrassing question

I have noticed that I never sleep well the first night at altitude, no matter
what.   And I seldom sleep well in strange beds the first night.    However
as several have commented, by the third night at altitude I sleep pretty
well - as well as possible considering my thin little pad that I have to
keep rotating above as one pressure spot starts to hurt enough to wake me up.
The first night I spent out on the PCT in my current project was last year
about 15 miles north of Harts Pass.    My noisy animal turned out to be
deer that were quite fearless about walking through my camp and even
investigating my pots and pans.    I slept better after getting up and
seeing who they were, though.     Later I found out that wolves and grizzlies
have been reported in the North Cascades in recent years.