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[pct-l] Re: Embarrassing question

Hmm, mountain lion.  On a snow camping trip on the PCT near Onyx summit,
we woke to find mountain lion tracks all around our tent.  So
maybe....Until very recently there were no bears in the San Jacinto
mts.  I was told by a ranger that the bears have used the PCT as a
corridor to cross over from the San Gorgonios and inhabit the San
Jacintos.  The recent (this century) bear population in the San
Gorgonios was imported from the Sierras--they were relocating those
troublesome park bears.
I too have suffered some sleepless nights, waiting for the bears to show
up.  I have tried reading, vitamin I, and tylenol.  Wished very much for
a glass of wine, but have never packed booze.  For me, a benadryl tablet
would probably work well.  I will try that next time.
Marion Davison  "llamalady"