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[pct-l] Embarrassing question

Hey, Brian -

 After reading your post (<<When I was around 12, I was on an outing with my
boyscout troop and during the middle of the night something kept slowly
walking around my tent with a slow heavy breathing for about 1/2 hour
(although it seems like an eternity). >>) I couldn't help recalling a
similar experience at my Camp Fire Girls camp when I was about 8 or 9....
the camp was in Mendocino County, CA, in the middle of ranchland - and as
summer camps go, quite rustic.  We slept on old army cots in clearings in
primarily douglas fir forest, with no enclosures to "protect" us from the
nocturnal beasties.  My cot was on the end of a row, nearest the forest.
One night I awoke after having rolled off the cot, hearing snuffling noises
nearby.  I found my flashlight & pointed it toward the snuffling - there was
a rather LARGE feral pig rooting around in a log, about 12 feet from me.

I was paralyzed.  That pig was HUGE.  All I could think was

It either did or I fell back asleep.  But you're right - those night noises
can be challenging.  On the PCT though - you'll be so tired at night your
body probably won't let you stay awake!  Advil helps too...

Thanks for stirring up a favorite memory -

Christine "Ceanothus" Kudija

"Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then
you will see how low it was."
        Dag Hammarskjold