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[pct-l] five star resorts of southern Oregon

Hyatt Lake has very small cabins w/o kitchens.  The restaurant is closed and
the small store just had pop,beer and chips and smelled like dead worms.
Hyatt wouldn't be my choice of another stop. I didn't stop at the other
resorts listed.
The one place you didn't list is Callahans.  The rooms were 65.00 but they
let you camp in their lawn in the back of the lodge.  The food was plentiful
and good.  All of the staff were friendly and the seemed most hiker
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> Well, actually half a star would be good enough in Section B
> to be better than mosquitos.
> I would like to hear opinions from anybody who has stayed at (or at least
> a look at) cabins at resorts near any of these Section B scenic wonders:
> Hyatt Lake
> Howard Prairie Lake
> Fish Lake
> Lake of the Woods
> Fourmile Lake
> I'm trying to set up my section hike to minimize camping.
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