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[pct-l] oregon fires

The fires in Oregon currently are not near the PCT.  There is however plenty
of smoke in the skies in eastern and central Oregon.
Just finished section B and the skeets were a plenty.  I found that odd
considering most of the seasonal seeps and springs were just about done.
Your situation may change by the 1st of Aug.

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> As one thinking of doing Oregon section B and and the Sky Lakes part of C
> at the beginning of August, about the time the through hiker wave should
> be passing through, I was wondering about the fire situation.    Numerous
> ones are reported at
> http://www.koin.com/webnews/20022/20020718_oregonfires.shtml
> but are any of these near the PCT?
> Otherwise I suppose that this might be a good year for B if the snowfall
> were indeed above average, for then the water sources might be better.
> In contrast, C might be a bad year if the mosquitos are thriving until
> later in August.
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