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[pct-l] Weekend hikes, L.A. area

I think we will be doing the Bridge to Nowhere again, this Sunday
afternoon. It will have to be a rapid pace because I can't be out there
until about 2:30 at the lower Ranger Station, 3:00 at the trail head at
East Fork Station. I'm trying to remember if it took us 5 or 6 hours last
time, seems like it was somewhere in that time frame. I think it was 6
but we weren't going that fast.

I was also thinking of doing the old Baldy trail (# 92 in Robinson's
book) on Saturday, would need to start early in the morning to beat some
of the heat. It is an advanced, hard hike with 6,000' of gain.

Sorry for the last minute notice, let me know if you are interested.

323-661-4004 W
310-787-7245 H