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There are several Trail Angels in the San Diego area, including Bob Riess and 
Jeff Bohannon (email addresses cc'd) who annually provide transportation to 
the southern terminus of the trail from San Diego area transportation hubs.  

Your timing may coincide with the ADZPCTKO, an annual event held by trail 
angels to get some of the butterflies out, help you to shake out your gear 
and offer a burger and beer.  Check out http://pct77.org/adz  for more info.  
There is a ride board at this site also to help arrange/share rides from 
various parts of the country to the ADZ and southern terminus.

I think that you'll find that your money is no good with Trail Angels.  It 
has to do with the conversion rate of the currency. ;-)

Best regards and have fun in your planning,

Greg "Strider" Hummel

In a message dated 7/18/2002 9:17:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
tigeress@attbi.com writes:

>     In late April of next year, I'll be needing a ride from the San 
> Diego area to Campo/Trailhead.  The ride would be for me, a fully loaded 
> pack, and a Golden Retriever and his fully laden pack.  I'd be willing 
> to reimburse for time and petrol costs, with my minimum being $50.00. 
> If there is anyone who is intersted in providing such a service, I'd 
> apprecaite it if you could contact me.
>     Thanks :o)
>     Caroline

"Salvitur Ambulando"
(walking solves all things)
            St. Augustine

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