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[pct-l] News from Edmond/Tangent

Hello all,

Dinah here.
Just had a call from Edmond and he's doing fine. Had a spot of food 
poisoning which slowed him down for a bit, but he's better now. He's 
traveling with CoSue, EasyE and Chucky and they're staying tonight at a ski 
resort in Mammoth. He was burbling delightly on the phone about the beds, 
the shower, the two - two! - phone lines in the room, the pool, the hot 
tub, the pizza... :)
He says he's about two days south of Tuolumne Meadows now. Still having a 
wonderful time.

While on the phone with him I checked the status of the fire north of 
Yosemite and it's now listed as 95% contained, so that's more good news.

happy trails!