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[pct-l] Regarding some questions

During the AT-L outbreak, Ryan posted that the new rounds of virus
are coming as text messages which share a "tag" with RTF and
HTML which many people use as their email format.  If he sets
the stripper to remove them, it would knockout the messages from as many as
50% of the posters, requiring them to not use colors or non standard fonts
in their email or to remove them from any message going to the lists.

I think the world of email viruses is just gonna get worse and it's up to the
individual to protect themselves by running anti virus and keeping it updated
at least twice a week.  This newest generation is created in a manner that
it can morph itself slightly to avoid anti virus in each generation.

BTW...Ryan did offer to change the stripper if we wanted him to.  I'm
sure he'd do the same for PCT-L if you want to require every one to
adjust their email settings to plain text and dump the pretty colors <g>.

At 07:45 AM 6/13/02 -0700, Brick Robbins wrote:
>At 06:04 AM 6/13/02, kahley wrote:
> > If I understand correctly,
> >it can be activated simply by reading or previewing the email.
>This is only true if you are using certain version of Microsoft Outlook.
>The software that is supposed to be removing attachments (StripMime 
>http://www.phred.org/~alex/stripmime.html ), is actually removing most of 
>them. I'm not sure why it is missing a few; I didn't do the StripMime 
>installation on backcountry.net so I don't know the particulars of how it 
>is setup. I have it running on  another server, and it is batting 1000 there.
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