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[pct-l] Northwest Mts. Bite

Monty wrote:
It's easy to be a Monday Morning Quarterback when 
something  wrong happens in the outdoors. ( They should of , could of) 
Climbing any of the Northwest Volcano in May is a dice roll as Late May
early June snow is ugly at times.

Yeah, you're right, it's too easy to judge in hindsight.  However, the
details in this news article
0531/ts_nm/life_climbers_dc_6) make it pretty clear that some poor
choices were made.  The two most notable ones were a) after the party
built a snow cave to escape the weather, one climber walked on top of
it, collapsing it and burying essential gear like jackets, and b)
another climber fell while not roped in or anchored.  I guess it just
demonstrates the importance of keeping a level head at all times.  A
simple mistake can spell disaster.