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[pct-l] Llamas? (was: Are dogs alowed on the trail?)

> I worked on a llama farm once (as a carpenter). I thought they were 
> dour and tempermental. I was always leery of approaching one like 
you would a 
> horse because they spit at you when alarmed or pissed off. .  How 
about a 
> burro? I ran into a couple using one in the Olympics. It seemed 
pretty docile 
> and agreeable.

Llama Lady can clarify but from everything I've read (which isn't much)
the spitting is exagerated. I've read that they only spit at each other
and I believe that is either when a female is involved (two males
fighting over her) or over food.

I like the prospect of goats but if their not allowed on the entire
trail then... I wonder which animal would have more stamina for the 
long trek.

Jim Serio - jim@rollercoaster.com